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15 pieces Fresh water lure package Free shipping

15 pieces Fresh water lure package Free shipping

This is a great value set containing 15 freshwater lures, including 15 popular freshwater lures as shown in the picture.


Details as below:

8672-Y354 10g (RRP:$10)

8672-Y355 10g (RRP:$10)

8672-Y359 12g (RRP:$10)


8638-55 4G T542 (RRP:$9)

8638-55 4G T520 (RRP:$9)

8638-55 4G T521 (RRP:$9)

8638-55 4G T540 (RRP:$9)


5*8637-40 one of each color (RRP:$8)


8635-45 4G T535(RRP:$8)

8635-45 4G T534 (RRP:$8)

8635-45 4G T558 (RRP:$8)


The RRP for everything was $130, Now we do a fresh season package special for $60 and free shipping to all the city addresses($4 additional charge for the rural address).


This is a particularly good combination, especially in this upcoming summer. It is also a great choice for Christmas gifts.


Description for the lures:


8672-85mm 10g/12g

This lure from the West Shell plastic range is a medium-sized lure at 85mm in length and weighing 10g it is suited to fishing in both fresh and saltwater. The action of the lure is floating however it features a small diving lip enabling it to be retrieved beneath the surface of the water. This lure is one of our most realistic and is available in 6 detailed, natural-looking color options all of which include life-like reflective eyes.


8638-55mm 4g

This very popular freshwater lure has a slim, 55mm long design and weighs 4 grams. Its slow-sinking action and small diving lip mean it can be retrieved below the surface at any speed. Ball Bearings inside the lure emit vibrations to simulate a living fish which further increase the lure's chance of success. The lure has 2 treble hooks which include lifelike reflective eyes. 


8637-40mm 4g

This West Shell plastic lure has a floating action, however, a relatively large diving lip enables it to dive well beneath the surface whilst being retrieved. Weighing only 4 grams and being 40mm in length the lure is best suited to chasing freshwater species and has one ball bearing enclosed which created life-like vibrations to catch the attention of nearby fish. The lure has two treble hooks and is available in 5 color options. 


8635 45mm 4g

This unique member of the West Shell plastic lure range is a small surface lure featuring a large cupped lip helping it to splash along the water's surface, enticing fish to attack from below. The lure is only 45mm long and weighs 4 grams which makes it ideal for either freshwater use or use in saltwater when fish are feeding at the surface. The lure has two treble hooks and is available in three colors.




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    $59.00Sale Price
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