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BlackTech CST Competition Carbon blades

BlackTech CST Competition Carbon blades

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High quality hand crafted carbon fins from BlackTech. While specifically designed for deep water spearfishing, this model's highly versatile design is optimal for use in all types of freediving and spearfishing activities.

These next generation fins utilize the latest carbon materials and BlackTech's cutting edge technologies and are endorsed by Croatia's national spearfishing team. BlackTech Variable width blades are made using the latest laser technology from 100% high tensile carbon material for optimal performance during a vertical dive.

Featuring Variable height rails which reduce water turbulence, improve handling underwater and allow optimal stability, reactivityand energy efficiency. The blades are produced by advanced VRTM (Vacuum Resin Transfer Moulding) technology using specially formulated Epoxy resins for marine use, ensuring zero crack propagation throughout the blades, extraordinary resilience and flexing properties and highly efficient fluid kick.

    $450.00 Regular Price
    $360.00Sale Price
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