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BlackTech Spearfishing Carbon blades Round end

BlackTech Spearfishing Carbon blades Round end

Blades only!

BlachTech blades are produced by double sided vacuum infusion process. This ensures that there is no trapped air in the carbon fibre sheet plies (air bubbles trapped inside composite materials can cause cracks).

Specially formulated Epoxy resin with small Flexural E-modulus is used for impregnating the carbon fibre which helps give the blade the great power' they produce.

The 'Normal' model are the most popular we sell and are made with the choice of medium, hard and extra hard hardness blades which are ideal for spearfishermen or general freedivers diving down to around 15 metres. 

Hardness: Medium

    $450.00 Regular Price
    $385.00Sale Price
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