Product description Sporasub Mystic
The mask is made with just two components - the polycarbonate mask frame and the skirt in liquid silicone, which mechanically hold the lenses, without the use of the usual lens rings.
This design limits encumbrances and reduces the inner volume of the mask. The fact that there are no lens rings also increases the visual field around the external perimeter of the lens.
The protruding strap regulation teeth have been increased in order to allow for greater regulation.

The buckles are made in acetylic resin in order to increase traction and flexion strain.

They are tightly connected to the mask body making the face free to adapt to the shape of your face.

Their rotation, downwards and upwards, has a maximum angle of about 70° The front panel, in TPR, is moulded in the mask body.

Both the mask frame and the skirt have a non-reflecting satin finish.

WEIGHT: 145g


Sporasub Breeze Seagreen Snorkel has been designed to suit the needs of both shallow and deep spearfishing. The snorkel tube is constructed using two materials to achieve rigidity and flexibility in specific locations. The result is a snorkel that holds firmly at the surface and won’t vibrate when descending or ascending, as well as avoiding any crimping. The base of the tube is most rigid whilst the top third of the tube is softer.

The Breeze snorkel has been finished with a non-reflective satin finish for stealth in the water. The mouthpiece is made from soft silicone and has been ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the mouth, even for longer dives.

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