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Breathing- what gives us the urge to breathe,preparation. final breath ,recovery breathing ,hyperventilation 


Black out and Hypoxic Fit-what are they? How to avoid Black out and Hypoxic Fit and reducing the impact should one occur ,how to rescue a diver from one


Preventing Equalization Problems.

Weighting and Gear


How to buy when spearfishing

Decompression Sickness

Other factors that affect your diving

other ways to be safe and increase bottom time

where to go next


underwater Theory

· the respiratory system

· The science behind freediving and spearfishing and breath control

· Maximizing the mammalian dive reflex

· correct breathing for optimum comfort during surfing


How to prepare for and deal with a wipe-out

the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and how this

affects your breathing and breath control

· Preparing the body and mind before you enter the water



· Correct breathing before and after a breath hold

· understanding the feeling and physiology behind a breath-hold dive.

· Three breaths escalating in length


safety and buddying during breath-hold practice

underwater exercises in breath and mind control 

swimming practice drills for breath hold practice



Our Qualified Instructors will teach you how to Spearfish and Freedive

safely and sucessfully

You will learn how to hold your breath longer...

Spearfishing Team Is ON!

Keep safe & having fun...

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